September 10, 2012 – Tagga is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Global social & mobile advertising company, airG.

Tagga and airG have agreed to leverage the strength of each other's products as well as partner on mutually beneficial marketing initiatives. Specifically, Tagga will be reselling airG's rich mobile social advertising inventory and airG will resell Tagga's cross-channel campaign software and services.

"We are excited about launching this partnership", said Amielle Lake, CMO & Founder, "it allows us to offer a global advertising product to our growing client base". She added, "With mobile advertising, we can dramatically extend the reach of any campaign and demonstrate even better engagement rates. airG's targeting capabilities are first class in the industry."

The two companies have recently been touring the west coast of the United States offering seminars on the value of cross-channel marketing and mobile social advertising to brands and agencies (see recent blog post). Additionally, last winter, the companies collaborated on Red Bull's Quebec Crashed Ice Event. (See coverage by Mobile

"We are thrilled to be partnering with another great technology company that truly believes in delivering media efficiencies for brands and agencies", said Omar Kaywan, Director of Mobile Advertising at airG. He continued, "By combining our expertise in mobile social media and our unique targeting capabilities with Tagga's cross-channel campaign platform, we are delivering a unique value proposition for some of the world's leading brands."

airG delivers more than 30 million brand messages a day via banners, video pre-roll, SMS, product placement, contests, gifts, etc. airG users are extremely engaged, spending more than 77 minutes a day communicating, interacting and playing social games on airG with their friends. According to a recent survey of more than 30,000 members of the airG community, 26 percent have engaged with a video or rich media ad. Videos were the format most likely to spur engagement, as over 70 percent of the members who engage with video ads watch up to 30 seconds of the video on their mobile phones.

"airG is not only a mobile social network that has reached over 70 million unique mobile users since its inception, but also a force in the mobile advertising sector, helping brands connect to their core target market via the medium consumers rely on most – their mobile phones," said Dejan Mirkovic Vice President, Corporate Development, airG. " We are happy to partner with Tagga to offer a holistic solution to brands and agencies across the globe."

airG Targeting also offers over 14 different targeting parameters that enable advertisers to effectively reach niche audiences on their mobile devices. Using airG's Targeting, advertisers have experienced between three and five times increase on click-through rates compared to prior advertisement experience on other networks.

Tagga's CEO, Jean-Guy Faubert, highlighted that, "analysts are touting that mobile advertising spend will grow another 62% in 2013 and eclipse the $6 billion revenue mark". He continued, "While that is still a far cry from what brands are willing to spend online, mobile advertising is increasingly being recognized as a powerful medium to reach and connect with consumers. We are really looking forward to offering this to our clients. Tagga is assembling a rich ecosystem of partners, agencies, and software vendors in order to deliver a one stop experience and deliver tremendous value to brands."

Tagga's cross-channel campaign platform allows advertisers to compare the results of mobile advertising with other campaigns simultaneously being run across diverse media channels such as in-store, on television or a Facebook desktop page.

Tagga's software and services are used by ad agencies and brands across the globe in order to launch and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns. Tagga was added to the finalist list for Deloitte & Touche's Top 100 Emerging Companies in Canada in 2011, The Ready to Rocket 2012 List, and the Top 100 Red Herring North American List for 2011. Tagga recently added Olivier Vincent, former CEO and founder of Canpages and Penny Wilson, former CMO of Macromedia to its Board of Directors.